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Kielder Observatory and Accenture team up once again!

 Summer is hopefully underway, and with good weather come clear skies. They might not be very dark or last very long but there is still plenty to explore across the summer night skies.

Many of you may have witnessed the spectacular sight of the Northern Lights recently. Here, astronomer Ishbel Carlyle talks us through what happened, why and hears others' accounts of that night. 

 Summer is upon us! let us take a look at what’s parading across our skies this month.

STARGAZERS across the North East and beyond will be able to spot rare ‘night shining’ clouds over the next few weeks.

Time again for our monthly What’s Up! It’s May, and days are getting light now, so we’re having to stay up quite late to get astronomical darkness. Still, there’s lots of objects and constellations to see! It’s well and truly galaxy season now, so if you love huge islands of stars of many different shapes and sizes, this is the month for you!


Astronomer, Ellie, talks us through what exactly a solar eclipse is ahead of her visit to the USA to see it for herself. 

A RARE solar eclipse which will be seen across America next month will be captured by a Northumberland astronomer and beamed back live to the North East.

Spring has sprung and it's an exciting time of year for our astronomers. Rosie takes us through what we can see in the skies this month.

A great accolade for our observatory!

Spring is almost upon us! As day and night start to equalise, let’s take a look at what’s parading across our skies this month.

Aurora Borealis above Skibotn Observatory

Our astronomer Ishbel goes to Norway to image and research the Northern Lights.

Heart Nebula taken from Flickr Commons/s58y

Love is in the air, it must be Feburary! Astronomer and Science Communicator Rosie Braunholtz gives us an overview of what we can see in the night skies this season of lovers.

Let's start 2024 as we mean to go on- looking up! Astronomer and Science Communicator Rosie Braunholtz gives us an overview of what we can see in the night skies this January.

Hey starry-eyed readers! It's that time of the year again when the heavens put on a celestial show just for us. It’s the Geminids Meteor Shower! This annual extravaganza is a cosmic party you don't want to miss.

ONE of the region’s beloved tourist attractions featuring the most ‘pristine dark skies’ in England is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

It's the darkest month of the year, so let's hear from Ishbel about what you can expect from the dark skies this December

Kielder Observatory’s partnership project with Novus at HIMP Northumberland nominated for top culture award!

We're in the heart of stargazing season now and there is plenty to be looking up at in our skies this November. Hear from Ishbel, Astronomer and Science Communicator at Kielder about what should be on your must-see list!

A MAJOR North East tourist attraction has secured a grant towards developing its successful astro imaging academy.


Here's your monthly round up of what's going on in the night skies. Ishbel Carlyle talks us through October's highlights. 

 Photographers across the North East were lucky enough to capture a beautiful aurora on the 13th September as dark skies glimmered pink, yellow and green.

Frank's Fellowship arts bursary

The second round of Frank's Fellowship concluded on 25th August with a visit to the observatory by the particpants to share their work and meet each other.

Look Up project at HMP Northumberland

Joicey Trust enables an astronomy outreach and poetry project with learners at HMP Northumberland

Welcome to another addition to What's Up? with a look at September with Astronomer, Rosie Braunholtz! Let's hope the weather will be better than it was for July or August and we can do some actual stargazing...

Welcomne to your monthly guide on what astronomical objects you can find in the skies this August!

We hear from Astronomer and Science Communicator, Ishbel Carlyle, who takes us through what you could see in the skies this July.