Kielder Observatory Education Programme

School Visits

Bring the inspiration of the night skies of Kielder Observatory to your school! We have been delivering interactive content to schools all across the region for several years and our experienced science communicators will bring the universe alive for your students. We can deliver sessions suitable for all ages, ranging from KS1 up to A-Level. We offer a variety of workshops linked into the curriculum and your students can even touch a piece of the Moon! For maximum engagement, book a visit from our inflatable planetarium and we'll run a variety of immersive shows inside the dome to complement the workshop lessons.

“Our feedback was also extremely positive. The event caused a real buzz around the school with everyone keen to take part and no-one was disappointed. The delivery was age appropriate and engaging. It was seen as a great success by staff and students. In fact our attendance figures were the highest of the year for that week. Coincidence?”

 School workshops and planetarium Andromeda Galaxy inside the dome

Online Delivery

Using video conferencing software, our astronomers can deliver sessions into the classroom and directly interact with students. These type of sessions would be delivered as a 1 on 1 session (1 astronomer and 1 class) for greater impact and to get as close to an in-person school visit as possible. We can cover any space related topics that are requested to any year groups.

Alternatively, our astronomers can deliver livestreams on a wide range of topics for an unlimited amount of students to watch live in the classroom. As part of the livestream, there would be a Q&A section so teachers can submit questions on behalf of students to be answered live during the stream. This option would be most suitable if you would like us to deliver sessions for multiple classes at once.




Visiting the Observatory

Schools can book a private event with us. If you could please contact us detailing your group size, year group(s), available dates and any other relevant information such as content request then we will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the potential options. As we run events every night of the year we have to fit you around our public events, so you will need to arrange well in advance.

We are also listed on the directory of Educational Visits UK.


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