At Kielder Observatory, we want everyone to experience moments of inspiration, wonder and hope through observing the cosmos.  

A clear sky at Kielder is truly special: the air is crisp, the silence is bewitching, the stars are mesmerising. It is a reminder how lucky we are to be alive on this tiny little planet near one of the billions of stars in one of the billions of galaxies that exist in the known universe. That’s the Kielder moment, and it can transform people. 

We are lucky that so many people want to experience a visit to Kielder Observatory but we also recognise that the nature of the site limits that to 20,000 people a year. We recognise that not everyone can visit the Kielder Observatory site, yet through observing the stars, we can understand more about ourselves, and more about what our place on this Earth means. 

Everyone needs that moment of inspiration, everyone deserves to have that lightbulb moment. Kielder Constellations, therefore, is our way of bringing that Kielder Observatory moment to everyone. 

Kielder Constellations has three overarching aims: 

  1. To put people at the heart of everything we do, extending our reach to more people and to a more diverse audience 
  2. To build our reputation as a gold standard in dark sky observation, imaging and outreach 
  3. To strengthen our organisation, building resilience and inspiring innovation. 

These aims and approach form a strategic framework to guide our decision-making about projects, programmes and initiatives.