At Kielder Observatory, we want everyone to experience moments of inspiration, wonder and hope through observing the cosmos.  

A clear sky at Kielder is truly special: the air is crisp, the silence is bewitching, the stars are mesmerising. It is a reminder how lucky we are to be alive on this tiny little planet near one of the billions of stars in one of the billions of galaxies that exist in the known universe. That’s the Kielder moment, and it can transform people. 


Our strapline is “Infinite Inspiration”.


We have developed a 3 year plan that will help us to achieve our charitable objectives, as well as identify key priorities that will enable us to developp both our offer to audiences, and our organisation. 

As a result of our strategy, we will achieve 3 outcomes: 

  • People: Everyone feels represented, welcomed, enriched and inspired, enabling equality of access to opportunities in science, whether as a one-off engagement, participation in study (formal or informal), and/or a career
  • Place: We consistently inspire more people of all backgrounds and abilities to reflect upon their place in the universe and the fragility of the Earth, and catalyse individual and collective action in response to the need to protect our dark skies, and wider natural heritage.
  • Organisation: We welcome the uncertainty of fresh challenges and continuously improve our offer as opportunities emerge from new technologies, new audiences and evolving practice.

We are a registered charity with three charitable objects:

  1. To promote interest in the science of astronomy in the general public.
  2. To facilitate the education of members of the public in the science of astronomy.
  3. To maintain an astronomical observatory in Kielder Forest which will be used to support objects A and B

 You can read more about our 2022-2025 Strategy here, alongside a note from our Chair of Trustees, Peter Standfield and CEO, Catherine Johns.