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Venus rising during Kielder twilight

Released in 1997, written by one of the greatest science communicators ever to have lived Carl Sagan and his wife, Ann Druyan, the film Contact brought to life the scientific understanding of our abilities to make first contact with other advanced civilisations and the story which could play out as a result. 

Starring Jodie Forster as Dr Ellie Arroway a SETI scientist who makes first contact, alongside Matthew McConaughey, John Hurt, James Woods. Join us for an evening of screening a sci-fi classic. 

The film focuses on using radio astronomy to search for another other advanced civilisations, before making first contact with a life form orbiting around the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra. 

The screening of this film will take place in our main room using our 120” 4K Digital Projector, with popcorn and a limited selection of drinks included. 

After the screening and a short break, we will explore the science of the film with a presentation by one of our astronomers. We will uncover the science behind radio astronomy and get to use our own onsite radio antenna to demonstrate its uses. 

At this time of year, it’s also a good time to see the star of the show, Vega. If weather permits, we will use our large aperture telescopes to spot it out in the sky.

You will also get to informally tour our observatory as guided by our team of professional astronomers and have plenty opportunity to ask questions throughout.

£10 of the ticket fee goes towards the screening of Contact.

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