Heather Woodfine

Communications and Events Administrator

“Every choice we make allows us to manipulate the future” - Captain Picard

I have always been inspired by outer space and fascinated by new discoveries about our universe. Everyone should have the opportunity to view a truly dark sky and all the spectacle of the Milky Way, it helps keep us inspired, motivated and humble! I joined the observatory team in 2017 and I work in the office helping to organise events, customer service and ensuring word gets out of the great work we’re doing. My background is in modern foreign languages, I’ve done other administration roles and been a teaching assistant in different parts of the world – I’ve seen first-hand, whatever background, culture, politics, looks, tastes we may have, we’re all earthlings!

  • What is your favourite constellation: Cygnus the Swan
  • What is your favourite music: Stereophonics
  • Who is your your favourite astronaut: John Crichton
  • What is your your favourite food: Fish and chips…