Liam Reid

Liam Reid

Science Communication

The universe unfolds as it will, heedless of you and I, we’re just along for the ride, so you best hold on tight and enjoy it!

I first attended Kielder observatory as a guest who was passionate about all things astronomical, I then registered as a volunteer. During the four and a half years that I volunteered, I was so inspired by the team, their commitment, their enthusiasm, their drive, that when the moment was right and the opportunity presented itself, I was delighted to become a member of the team.

The team at Kielder observatory are the true embodiment of I.D.I.C or Kol-Ut-Shan as it is in Vulcan (Star Trek reference, nerds only).

  • What’s my favourite planet: That has to be Jupiter, amazing to observe and awesome to study.
  • Most baffling statement in astronomy/cosmology: Before the big bang there was nothing, no time, no space, nothing! So if that’s the case where did the singularity, the starting point of the big bang reside. it had to be somewhere and some time.
  • If I had the opportunity to go to the Moon or Mars, would I go: No! I’ve never even been abroad so that could be one step too far or one giant leap in my case.