Near Earth Visitors and Their Dangers

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NASA/Don DavisNASA/Don Davis

For this special event we welcome guest speaker Nick Howes who will give an in-depth talk on near earth objects and their perceived threats to our planet. In addition to the talk from Nick you'll also been shown round our array of large telescopes by the KO team who'll explain how they work and if the skies are clear we'll do plenty observing.

The talk content this evening is more focused than a normal event, but is accessible to all. It's a fantastic opportunity to ask questions to an expert in the field, one-night-only so don't miss out!

Nick Howes was formerly Deputy Director of Kielder Observatory and has over 20 years' experience working at the cutting edge of Research and Development.

His roles have included Sci-Comms for the European Space Agency, Communications and online development for the SKA Telescope, and Pro-Am Programme Manager for the Faulkes Telescopes, helping to discover scores of new asteroids.

Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and works now as a test engineer and Space R&D for BMT Defence and Security, who were the architectural design team behind the QEC Aircraft Carrier, and have offices all over the world.

His Talk "Oh My God...We're all gonna die" takes us through the perceived threats in space, and hones in on the ones that could truly change the face of our planet forever.