Easter Space Kids

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A return of one of our most popular holiday time events...for the parents and the young scientists they accompany. Our Space kids events are designed to inspire, enthuse and educate, in a way the youngsters will never forget. The day starts with a brief talk and questions from you, our audience, which our astronomers will endeavour to answer, though with some of the questions we get from young minds, it's even a challenge for us!.. Then a chance to touch real rocks from space, meteorites from the Moon, Mars and the asteroid belt, some of which are even older then the planet you're stood on right now. Then a full tour of the observatory, and a chance to see, play with and drive our two big telescopes! As it starts to get dark we may even be able to see some stars! Then rocket making, we turn Kielder in to mission control, and teach you how to build and launch your own rockets. A fun packed few hours of wonder and real discovery..