Dazzling December Delight: Let's Talk Geminids Meteor Shower!

Hey starry-eyed readers! It's that time of the year again when the heavens put on a celestial show just for us. It’s the Geminids Meteor Shower! This annual extravaganza is a cosmic party you don't want to miss.


What’s in a name?

So, why are they called Geminids? The shower gets its name from the constellation Gemini, the radiant point where the meteors seem to originate. It's like celestial fireworks show with Gemini playing the role of the launchpad. This constellation rises in the east and crosses over head throughout the night so there’s a great chance of seeing the twins launching some flaming arrows across the night.

Gem 1

Cool facts about the hot rocks!

Did you know that Shooting stars are not stars at all? They’re little bits of space rock burning up in our atmosphere. For meteor showers they usually come from Comet trails, but the Geminids is special as their progenitor is not a Comet but an Asteroid, 3200 Phaethon, a big rock in space orbiting around us within the asteroid belt. Comet are big dirty snowballs that come from beyond Neptune in the Oort cloud.


When and Where to Catch the Show

Hold your telescopes, folks! The best time to catch these shooting stars in action is during the darkest hours of the night, typically between midnight and dawn.

Pro tip: Find a cozy spot away from city lights, lay back, and let the cosmic magic unfold. Remember to dress warmly—space is cold, but your meteor shower-watching experience doesn't have to be! Can I recommend an astronomer’s best friend-a flask of Hot chocolate!

Make it a Stellar Party

Why not turn this celestial spectacle into a full-fledged stargazing party? Grab your friends, pack some cosmic snacks (think star-shaped cookies and galaxy popcorn, flying saucers?), and bring along your favourite stargazing playlist. Who knew space could be so delicious and melodic?

Shooting Star Wishes

As you marvel at the Geminids streaking across the night sky, don't forget to make a wish! According to ancient lore, catching a glimpse of a shooting star grants you the opportunity to make a wish. Whether it's for world peace, a pony, or just a good cup of coffee in the morning, let your imagination run wild. With up to 150 per hour you’re going to get more chances than a genie can offer that’s for sure!

Snap, Share, and Stargaze

In this digital age, why not capture the beauty of the Geminids and share it with the world? Take your best meteor shower snapshots and share them on social media and tag us! You might just inspire someone else to look up and appreciate the wonders of the cosmos. The best way to capture shooting stars is with time lapses or videos- they’re so fast, maybe only a split second, that trying to snap a shot your self is going to be hard.

So, there you have it, fellow stargazers! Get ready to witness the Geminids Meteor Shower—nature's way of wrapping up the year with a dazzling display of cosmic brilliance. Whether you're an avid astronomer or just someone who enjoys a good meteor shower, this celestial spectacle is sure to leave you starstruck. Happy meteor watching and may all your wishes come true under the twinkling tapestry of the Geminids! ?✨ My main wish is for it to be cloud free!