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Our Star event at Kielder Observatory

During the summer our closest star dominates the sky for much of the day, but what is it? Throughout this event, we dedicate our time to discussing, and where possible, observing the Sun.

We will take a look at the processes that cause our sun and other stars to shine so brightly and why one day all stars are doomed to end in varying ways. We can demonstrate how astronomers can utilise light beyond the visible spectrum to observe parts of the sun that are invisible to the human eye. The observatory team can even show you ancient meteorites that formed shortly after the birth of our sun. 

Here at Kielder Observatory we are equipped with numerous telescopes that are capable of observing the sun safely, and when the weather gets in the way, we have a radio telescope which can help us listen to the Sun.

Stargazing is always our priority throughout events, using our large aperture telescopes, or sitting under a blanket of stars. As this is an earlier event where the sun is still above the horizon for much of the event, brighter objects may be available to look at too, such as the Moon, planets or bright stars. Our focus is always to deliver an experience whatever the weather or time of year, and we endeavour to do so with our team of experienced, passionate, and inspirational astronomers.  

There will be an intermission throughout the event, during which you will be treated to a hot drink (included in your ticket price), from a selection of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, and have the opportunity to further support our charity, and take home a memento of your visit to the observatory from a range of merchandise.