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An evening with Gary Fildes at Harvest Coffee Shop, Jesmond, Newcastle.

Observatory Director Gary Fildes will be giving talks at the Harvest Coffee Shop, Jesmond, Newcastle.

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Wednesday 27th August @ 7:30pm

Wednesday 10th September @ 7:30pm

More details can be seen on the Harvest Coffee Shop website.


Apollo Tribute


apollo tribute

For all mankind

In May 2014 Gary Fildes our founder Director went off to sunny Pasadena California to the Spacefest 6 conference. His aim was to meet, interview and produce a series of videos that would pay tribute to the thousands of men and women of the NASA Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, that have over the decades, devoted their lives to furthering humankind. This remarkable group of people worked together to fulfil the dream of President Kennedy that mankind would walk on the Moon. Between 1969 and 1972, 12 people did just that.

To this day this was seen as our "finest technical achievement" The whole of the Apollo programme demonstrated the strength and dedication of the human spirit,  that we are pioneers that strive to understand and learn more, to make technology that helps us better understand our place in the universe.

If at some point in the future we do "make contact" or find life on other worlds, or closer in time, when we do land on Mars, those pioneers will be proud that they forged the way forward.. and we should be proud of them, for all they acheieved.

As even to this day, they talk of the "glance over their shoulders", a glance back to our blue planet, seeing it not as we do now from low Earth orbit, filling the view, but as a pale blue dot in the vastness of space. And we as humankind will hopefully remember where it all started..

This is our tribute..

Here are some of the videos we made with these remarkable people, with more to come soon

Dave Scott   - Apollo 15/9                                 01 of 10 

Bruce McCandless - MMU and Apollo Camcom    02 of 10

Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14                                  03 of 10

Sy Liebergot  - Apollo EECOM                                   04 of 10

Fred Haise - Apollo 13/STS Test                            05 of 10

Rusty Schweickart - Apollo 9                                  06 of 10

Kielder Observatory would like to thank Glenn Perry of In House Films and former Deputy Director Nick Howes for all their help in making these films possible, and to the team at Novaspace who organise and make Spacefest the greatest astronaut and space science conference in the world.


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Kielder Observatory presents - A Night to Remember  - Sy Liebergot - Apollo EECOM


Kielder Observatory is proud to bring you one of the true giants in the world of spaceflight on this very special one off event, which is a charity fundraiser for the observatory.


For more info and to book your tickets for this one off exclusive event click on the following link






Volunteers sought to work at the UK's premier public observatory

Would you consider working at the UKs number 1 observatory under the darkest skies in the UK? Well, maybe you haven't but you could...We are looking for volunteers with an interest in astronomy and or tourism to come and help out as a volunteer at the observatory. You need no experience, just friendly and willing to learn, drop us an e mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and start an exciting new venture under the stars.

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