Simon Robinson

Science Communication


Living by the coast without light pollution in the 80's, I often wondered what are those stars? How far away are they? Are they the same as us? I still remember the school day in 1981 when the whole class watched the launch of the space shuttle mission, it was mesmerising.Later that year my parents took me to the Science museum and (then) Planetarium in London I was fascinated.  Fast forward and I’m helping my son with his school project on the solar system and decided to book a visit to Kielder, with his friend the event was awe inspiring. We came back for a 2nd and 3rd event and later applied for a volunteering role that was 2016 and I am still involved today. The look on visitors faces and that ‘Wow !’ moment never gets old.

  • What is your favourite deep sky object: The Andromeda Galaxy
  • Who is your favourite astronomer: Neil deGrass Tyson, Caroline Herschel
  • What is your favourite film: The Martian