A Year in Review

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2017 was a spendid year in the cosmos and we had a wonderful time explaining it all to our guests.

Tonight we wil re-visit the highlights of the year with some great anecdotes and of course the scientific discoveries that were made in astronomy during 2017.

We will also be highlighting some of the amazing images that we took form the facility... it's quite a show!

Add to that the night sky... if it's clear hang on tight and get ready for the greatest show on earth!

The team will be on hand to answer all your questions and to help you use our telescopes to observe a range of objects including, craters on the moon, distant galaxies, nebulae and star clusters depending on observing conditions and the lunar calendar.

You can also join us on our observation deck and gaze at the glittering stars of the Milky Way all from one of Europe's darkest locations.