Saturn and the Moon

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Saturn and the Moon. A precursor to a love story?...well not quite but they are together in the sky tonight and what a couple they make. Our moon is ingrained into our social consciousness as well as in folklore and stories about lunacy and werewolves. Tonight however we will concentrate on the science behind our moon; what do we know of its history, how did it form? We'll get to grips with understanding gravity and moon's effects on the tides in our oceans. If the skies are clear we'll use our big telescopes to explore the lunar surface in stunning detail, observe mountain ranges and crater basins, having it all explained form our famed team of science communicators. Then we move out into the cold deep depths of our solar system to visit the wonderful planet Saturn, with its vast ring system, easily the most beautiful planet. If you have never observed Saturn then this is your chance, don’t miss it. The astronomers will help you understand how the ring system formed and all about its array of icy moons. As well as all of this we will be using the telescopes to peer out into the depths of the universe to see what else is visible.

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