Journey into the Cosmos

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Our Cosmos. Unimaginably large, old and complex.

From our Earth perspective, humans have sought for solutions to the very beginnings of it all, the stars and bodies within it and ultimately, how the universe will end. 

Join us on a night where we will journey through space and time, out into the cosmos to unlock some of the mysteries our Universe has to offer. From our solar system to the large-scale structure of the universe and on to the Big Bang, we will explore our current perceptions of it and the important discoveries made along the way. Delivered by our passionate science team, this Cosmic voyage gives an excellent understanding of the physical Universe as a whole and addresses what it means to exist within it, in a way which is interesting and accessible to all. 

After the talk, we will guide you through the observatory, introduce you to the large aperture telescopes and give guidance on how to use them. If the skies are clear we will view objects in our own galaxy, some of which are beyond the realms of what the naked-eye can see and which have shaped our understanding of the universe!

During the summer months we can still observe despite the lighter evenings, which may include the moon, the planet Saturn, binary star systems, beautiful star clusters and breath-taking noctilucent clouds.